Who am I?

My name is Mark. By day I earn my living as a photographer in the British Army. 

New-Utility.co.uk is an online mens lifestyle blog with the emphasis on heritage and vintage fashion, but with occasional forays in to design and food & drink.

Founding Principles.

It all started with in 2004 with my involvement in The Chap Magazine and The New Sheridan Club. My lateral drift over the last decade eventually took me away from the more formal Savile Row inspired vintage fashion to early 20th century British & American workwear.

I take inspiration from a broad range of periods, but roughly from the 1880's to 1960. This idea of new utility stems from the wartime CC41 clothing that was simply made, with an appealing economy of form. This clothing was worn well in to the post-war years.

I can still remember my grandfather doing the gardening in his Army issue leather jerkin and an old beret. 

In our current straightened financial times this is an idea that is once again important. Why the false economy of spending money on mass-produced items that will fall apart in a few months when by spending marginally more you acquire beautiful things that will likely last you a lifetime?

Frustration with the production quality of the bulk of modern clothing has led me to seek out either high standard reproduction or authentic vintage items. That said I am not a stickler for historical accuracy. My guiding principle is that objects be made to a standard, not a cost. An idea that has sadly fallen from favour.

Robert Pirsig came close to the mark in attempting to unify the Romantic and Rational schools of philosophy through the idea of perception of Quality. I like the premise that very simple utilitarian objects can possess such beauty as well as being purely functional. And if you know where to look they need not be expensive.

I intend to share what I find with you, everything from my latest selvedge denim project, breaking in a pair of Edwardian era Ammo boots, or how to mix the perfect Gimlet.

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