Sunday, 22 February 2015

Resurrecting Old Metal - All For The Love Of Pancakes

....In this case an old frying pan.

My neighbour, Peniila, was having a bit of a clear out in the half-loft (a sort of hobbit height box room tucked off the staircase between the floors of our building.)

She emerged stooped over and brandishing a very rusty DeBuyer 22cm steel crepe pan, ready to chuck it in to a box destined for the dump.

DeBuyer are a French concern that have been producing quality cookware since 1830. Thrifty as we are here at New Utility it seemed a bit of a shame not to have a bash at restoring it.

One heavy duty scourer, a lot of elbow grease and twenty minutes later I'd worked off almost all the surface rust. The metal actually looked quite good, with only a little minor pitting.

I had some wet & dry sand paper to hand so I worked over the remaining spots of rust with that, dug out the Brasso and gave the thing a quick polish up and a wash. Done.

For the sake of approx 40 mins work it makes sense to try and save things like this, giving them a second life that will last for years to come.

It was Shrove Tuesday this week in the UK , so the perfect time to knock up some pancakes!