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Pike Brothers 1942 Zip Deck Jacket

1942 Zip Deck Jacket

Pike Brothers have extended their range quite a bit for Spring / Summer ’14, that said the label are staying true to their work wear / military roots with the recent release of the 1942 Zip Deck Jacket.

The original mid-war jackets were widely worn until gradually superseded by the later N1 and Deck Hook closure jackets.

1942 Zip Deck Jacket

The DNA of its Army cousin, the Tanker jacket, is clear to see in the knit cuffs, neck and waist-band. The main aesthetic difference between the two are the pockets, with the US Navy version sporting D-shaped patch pockets.

There is no white U.S.N stencilling on the back - that came later in WWII when identifying Navy personal during amphibious landings became problematic.

Vintage Talon zip detail
Zip and inner pocket detail
As you’d expect from Pike Brothers a lot of effort has been expended on replicating the originals in every detail - everything from the correct spec densely woven jungle cloth, wool lining to vintage Talon zippers are present and correct.

Also there is the special membrane interlining - making the jackets just as wind and water resistant as the originals.

1942 Zip Deck Jacket - stand up collar detail

Pike Brothers founder Fabian Jedlitschka has been collecting old USN and Army jackets for a while, and it’s something he’s clearly passionate about. The first jacket Pike made was a B10 flight jacket and obviously the N1 is something of a staple. As Fabian says, “I like the styles and think for us it is vital to have the 1940s army/navy jackets as a basic line.” 

With none of us in any danger of having to square up to the Imperial Japanese Navy any time soon deck jackets may now be more of a fashion item, but it’s to Pike Brothers’ credit that they still make them for use as they were intended - to be worn hard as a utility garment.

1942 Zip Deck Jacket - correct spec jungle cloth
Beautiful correct spec jungle cloth
Excitingly two more jackets are waiting in the wings, “In July we will be releasing the B15 and then for fall we will have the Deck Hook Jacket.” You can never have enough jackets, right?

Great news for deck jacket fans out there. Meanwhile you can check out the 1942 Zip Deck Jacket here.

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